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Looking to buy a home?

Finding the right home

​How would you define ‘the one’?

  1. What are your needs today.

  2. What are your plans for the future? 

  3. What about budget?

  4. What are your preferences?

  5. Pre-approval process

You want to make an informed decision. Here’s the process we’ll follow:

  • Step 1   Market overview

  • Step 2   Review viable comparables

  • Step 3   Review the home’s selling history and area trends

  • Step 4   Propose a sound pricing strategy

The next step: Profiling properties of interest:

  • Outside factors (development plans, zoning and restrictions)

  • Future marketability

  • Amenities

  • Public transportation

  • Property value, Taxes, and Utilities

Are you financially prepared?

  • Step 1   Calculate your household expenses

  • Step 2   Calculate your total monthly expenses

  • Step 3   Calculate how much you think you can afford

  • Step 4   Determine your maximum house price

  • Step 5   Understand the mortgage pre-approval process

  • Step 6   Review hidden costs 

Because there’s more than meets the eye to buying a home:


  • Negotiations with the seller and their agent

  • Arranging a home inspection

  • The purchase agreement and other documentation, forms and applications

  • Managing the deposit

  • Loan application and processing

  • Mortgage insurance and title insurance

  • Monitoring your transaction through to closing or completion

couple moving
Viewing a Home
Real estate negotiation is a skill developed through training and experience. Let Team Trish find you the best property at the best price.
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